From the US Forest Service Fact Sheet:

Usually found as a multi-trunked small tree, Texas-Mountain-Laurel can be trained to a single trunk in the nursery. Single-trunked nursery stock would make nice street trees for planting in small soil spaces, and where overhead space is limited by wires or other structures.

Plant a row of Texas-Mountain-Laurel on 15 or 20 foot centers to form a nice canopy over a walk, or locate it close to a patio or deck. The bark on multi-trunked specimens shows off nicely when lit up at night from beneath the canopy. Texas-Mountain-Laurel should be grown in full sun or partial shade on well-drained soil. This tough plant will tolerate hot, windy conditions and alkaline or wet soils but not compacted soil.

Young trees may benefit from afternoon shading from the intense summer sun until they become established. Propagation is by seed, cuttings, layering, or grafting. Trees on well-drained soils reportedly have a deep root system and will transplant poorly from the wild.

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