by Michael Thorne Jarrett

The weary sun she set like down-
Feathers spread across the ground
Dropped her evening dress right there
Stood there trembling the half lit air
Stood there trembling

Stars came out for company
They arrived too late to see
Found me strumming an old guitar
Wishing I was wherever you are
Wishing I was wherever

Sunset turns a lonely heart
Colors red and wine
Burns just like a shooting star
I don’t think about you every time
I don’t think about you every time

As long as sun and moon endure
Luck’s a chance but pain’s for sure
I’ll face like the foolish do
Train for luck and fall for you
Train for luck and fall

The bottle’s dry against my will
Your skin’s as soft as a twilight still
Cooling off the edge of day
Against lips of cabernet

I ain’t the first to find you fair
I’ve got awkward ways more than my share
Time is cheap and love is free
But you couldn’t waste either one on me
You couldn’t waste either one