by Michael Thorne Jarrett

I’ve been falling for so long now
My feet can’t recall how to stand
But sitting beside you I feel like I’ve found
A gentle place I can land

I know I’m not the first one to be here
They’ve marked you just like a tattoo
I know you cannot control what you fear
But I can not fight it for you

Close your eyes
Babe, I ain’t going nowhere
Close your eyes, babe
I ain’t going nowhere
Unless you just want me to leave

Time she spins with uneven hands
Moving at different speeds
But they share the same minute my friend
Kind of like when you’re with me

Deep in your eyes and soft in your hands
I see you don’t like what you feel
I won’t patronize you like I understand
But I trust your confusion is real

I give you everything that I own
And everything I believe
None of it’s worth all the kindness you’ve shown
In wasting your good time with me

So open your window and let in the rain
It’s something like breathing somehow
At least I believe it’s your choice to remain
And I guess that’s enough for right now

I’ve been falling so long and so far
My feet can’t recall how to stand
I know you’re not perfect but I believe that you are
A gentle place I can land